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Art Glass Ladybug Paperweight

Art Glass Ladybug Paperweight

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You'll love this shimmering glass ladybug figurine!

This lovely art glass lady bug is made from one solid piece of glass, where the different glass colors have been melted and shaped together. It has a silvery reflective layer inside, which gives the red color a sort of sparkling shimmery effect.

You can use it for a paperweight or shelf decoration, or add it to your collection of ladybug statues.

Size: about 2" long

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    Ladybug Bookmark / Letter Opener

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    The letter opener is made from a thin yet sturdy silvery metal. The blade portion has decorative cut outs in the center and the ladybug at the end is inlaid with black and red enamels.

    This would make a great gift for a co-worker at school or the office!

    Size: 5" long, ladybug is 1-1/4" long
  • Ladybug Shaped Mylar Balloon

    Ladybug Shaped Mylar Balloon

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    This holographic foil balloon is shaped like a ladybug with partially open wings. The bright red and black colors make it bold and outstanding!

    Size: 27" tall. Design is same on both sides. It's not inflated, so you can either blow it up with air or have it filled with helium at your neighborhood party store or florist.

    To inflate with air, gently insert a plastic drinking straw through the round hole in the neck of the balloon so it extends into the main body of the balloon, and blow into the straw to inflate. When fully inflated, pull out the straw and the balloons neck will automatically seal. To deflate for future re-use, gently reinsert the straw as before (to its full length) and allow the balloon to deflate.

  • Sweet Rendezvous Ladybugs Windsock

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    Makes a great addition to your decor both inside and outside your home!

    Size: 6 inches by 40 inches


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