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Art Glass Ladybug Paperweight

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Art Glass Ladybug Paperweight


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  • Red Ladybug Glass Accents, pk/24

    Loads of lovely ladybugs!

    These sparkling pressed glass lady bugs are beautiful and elegant. Scatter them on a table as part of the centerpiece decoration, add them to gifts or cards as gift toppers, or put them with the plants or in your terrarium.

    Size: Pack of 24 glass ladybugs, each 1" long

You'll love this shimmering glass ladybug figurine!

This lovely art glass lady bug is made from one solid piece of glass, where the different glass colors have been melted and shaped together. It has a silvery reflective layer inside, which gives the red color a sort of sparkling shimmery effect.

You can use it for a paperweight or shelf decoration, or add it to your collection of ladybug statues.

Size: about 2" long


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