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Bee Holidays & Celebrations


  • Flying Bumble Bee Hat

    Flying Bumble Bee Hat

    You will bee cute in this fun costume hat!

    This awesome flying bumble bee hat is made of padded velour material in bold black and yellow and is sized to fit kids' heads.

    Good for Halloween, parties, or for any time you feel like flying. To fly, all you need to do is place the hat on your head and grasp the ribbon below your chin and pull down. This will pull down the wings and then you can flap them as much as you want.

    Size: fits most children's heads
  • Honey Bee Costume Wings with Head Bobber

    Honey Bee Costume Wings with Head Bobber

    Bzzz. Bzzz. Buzzzz! Ready to do the honey bee dance?

    Creative play is very important in helping your child learn how to think "outside of the box" and come up with creative solutions for life problems. So have your young son or daughter strap on these buzzy honey bee wings and matching head bobber/antennae and learn to let their imagination fly! If they start weaving in figure eights, you'll know they have really connected to the honey bee mind.

    The wings are made from a yellow nylon fabric with black spots and connecting the wings is a yellow and black striped "bee body". Attached to the body are 2 elastic straps that fit easily over the arms and shoulders. The yellow pom-pom antennae are attached to a black headband.

    This is a child-sized honey bee costume.

    Size: wings are about 10" high with a wingspan of 24-1/2"
  • Mini Vinyl Valentine Bumblebee "Bee Mine"

    Mini Vinyl Valentine Bumblebee "Bee Mine"

    Won't you BEE mine?

    These cute little bumblebees are wearing their black and yellow striped suits and have on a snazzy pair of orange shoes. The bees are holding up a heart in front of them that says, "BEE Mine."

    This toy bee is sold by the single piece although the photo shows two bees. This is to show that the hearts come in both pink and red. We will choose the color randomly for you unless you have a really strong preference and let us know in the customer notes box during checkout. IF it is available we will pick it for you.

    Size: one bee, 1-1/2" tall