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Bee Kitchen, Bed, & Bath


  • Bumble Bee Magnet Clips

    Bumble Bee Magnet Clips

    Made from high-density plastic
    Set of 4 clips
    Extra strong magnetic clips cling to most metal
    Soft, non-slip grip keeps papers in place
    Dishwasher safe

  • Scattered Bees Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

    Scattered Bees Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

    New item! For the past hundred years, flour sacks have remained the cook's favorite choice for towels. Originally they were salvaged fabric from old flour sacks or grain sacks. After the flour was used, the cotton sack was bleached, washed and trimmed. Over time it became the flour sack towel we know and love today. Flour sack towels are famous for their absorbency and softness- great for drying dishes and cleaning up! This towel is 30" x 30" and features a beautiful design by artist Mary Lake-Thompson of scattered bees. Please note, the bee design is ONLY on the part of the towel shown above (about a 5 X 10 inch area).
  • Scattered Bees Honey Mint Tea

    Scattered Bees Honey Mint Tea

    New item! Set of Honey Mint Iced tea bags in adorable Mary Lake Thompson scattered bees design bag! Perfect gift for the bee lover, or for yourself!

    4 quart sized Brewed Iced Tea Bags
    Mint Honey Flavor
    Certified Organic
    Designed by Mary Lake Thompson!
  • Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • HoneyBee Kitchen Towel

    HoneyBee Kitchen Towel

    Here's a warm, honey colored bee kitchen towel!

    This 100% cotton jacquard dishtowel has a solid olive/orange rectangle in the center surrounded by a strip of honeybees woven directly into the fabric. Outside of that is another patterned border in tangerine, golden yellow and olive greens, giving the towel a checkered look.

    The jacquard weave lets the pattern be seen clearly on both sides of the towel. The photo shows just a corner of the towel. Click on the images tab below to view the full towel.

    Size: about 27" x 19"
  • Metalwork Bee Magnet

    Metalwork Bee Magnet

    This cute bee would make a great addition to your refrigerator or filing cabinet!

    The bee is quite large and made from worked sheet metal and painted in black, yellow and white. He has metallic gold accents on his wings and a very strong small magnet on his belly.

    Size: about 3 inches long
  • Bugs and Flowers Enameled Wine Charms, set/6

    Bugs and Flowers Enameled Wine Charms, set/6

    Here's a great way to keep track of your wineglass!

    These little charms are made from a silvery metal and each is unique. The set comes with a ladybug, a dragonfly, a butterfly, a bee and 2 flowers. Each charm is strung on a wire hoop and these little hoops can be attached to the larger hoop and placed around the neck of the wine or champagne bottle.

    These charms are great for parties or bridal showers and you can even give them away as a party favors so your guests have something to remember it by!

    Size: Six 3/4" charms on 1" rings with a single 2" ring neck-topper
  • Retractable Bumblebee Ear Buds

    Retractable Bumblebee Ear Buds

    Hey, there are bumblebees in your ears!

    These cute bumble bee ear buds are the perfect accessory for your ipod or mp3 player. The bee earphones are on a retractable cord, so they store neatly inside the little yellow case to keep your wires from getting tangled.