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Butterfly Toys & Games


  • Assorted Colorful Plastic Butterflies, pk/12

    Assorted Colorful Plastic Butterflies, pk/12

    How about some butterflies that the kids can catch and release as many times as they want?

    Unlike real butterflies, these plastic ones have very tough wings and are great fun to play with. They come in an assortment of shapes and color patterns that may vary from those shown in the picture.

    These butterflies make great party decorations or party favors!

    As a bonus, the butterflies have a small hole on their bellies which looks to be the right size for gluing them onto a wooden kabob skewer or a wire so that you can put them into a flower arrangement.

    Size: pack of 12 butterflies with wingspans from 2.5 to 3.5 inches
  • Butterfly Bouncy Balls, pk/12

    Butterfly Bouncy Balls, pk/12

    Bounce those butterflies!

    Having a butterfly or bug party? These butterfly-themed bouncy balls make great party favors. Each clear rubber ball has a lifelike picture of a butterfly sealed into its center.

    The butterfly pictures inside the balls may vary from those shown in the photo, but will be similar.

    Size: Bag of 12, each 1-3/8" across
  • Foam Butterfly Gliders, pk/6

    Foam Butterfly Gliders, pk/6

    Flying butterflies!

    These fun butterfly gliders are easily assembled, and glide nicely when gently tossed like a paper airplane. They are made from a lightweight rigid foam material printed in bright colors.

    Perfect for butterfly party favors!

    Size: Pack of 6 assorted butterfly gliders, each about 6-1/2" long
  • Giant Shaped Butterfly Sticker Fun (12 sets)

    Giant Shaped Butterfly Sticker Fun (12 sets)

    Create your own giant colorful butterfly!

    The kit comes with a dozen giant butterflies made from stiff paper board. Each butterfly has a plain green body and pink wings and comes with its own giant sheet of colorful stickers that you can use to decorate the wings. The picture shows an example of a fully decorated butterfly.

    This is a great craft activity for birthday parties and day camps!

    Size: 12 butterflies and 12 sticker sheets, the butterflies are about 12 inches in wingspan

  • Little Plush Butterfly (colors vary)

    Little Plush Butterfly (colors vary)

    A lovely plush butterfly with iridescent wings!

    This toy butterfly is lightly stuffed and has little string antennae. The wings have a great little crinkle sound when you squeeze them or fly them around.

    The butterfly comes in a variety of colors as shown in the photo. Sold by the single piece only and we randomly pick the color for you.

    Safety tested for children of all ages, so this butterfly would even be great for a baby!

    Size: 8-1/2" wingspan
  • Magic Color Scratch Butterflies, 12 sets

    Magic Color Scratch Butterflies, 12 sets

    Let your imagination take flight!

    These magic scratch butterflies are a lot of fun. Use the wooden tool to make intricate patterns on the butterfly's wings. Underneath the surface layer is a rainbow colored backing that will show through as you scratch off the black paint. Included are ribbons so that you can hang them up in the window or put them on your Christmas tree!

    Great for party activities, party favors and just plain old arts & crafts fun! There are enough supplies for 12 kids to each make two butterflies.

    This kit contains 24 magic butterflies, 24 ribbons in assorted colors, and 12 wooden scratching sticks.

    Size: Butterflies are 4" wide
  • Rainbow Butterfly Costume Wings & Headband

    Rainbow Butterfly Costume Wings & Headband

    Imagination is the key to open up your child's future!

    Creative play is very important in helping your child learn how to think "outside of the box" and come up with creative solutions for life problems. So have your young son or daughter strap on these butterfly wings and antennae and learn to fly!

    The wings are made from a rainbow colored nylon with gold glitter accents and have elastic straps that fit easily over the arms and shoulders. The gold antennae are attached to a clear headband.

    Size: wings are about 14" high and 20" across