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Clocks, Mirrors, Picture Frames


  • Butterfly Kisses Alarm Clock

    Butterfly Kisses Alarm Clock

    Smooooooch! Wake up to the sound of a butterfly kiss!

    This adorable butterfly alarm clock has a whimsical butterfly pictured on the face. Best of all, it wakes you up with the happy smooching sound of a butterfly kiss. Just the thing for someone you love!

    Size: Butterfly clock is about 6" tall, 4-1/2" across
  • Little Ladybug Photo Frame

    Little Ladybug Photo Frame

    This bold photo frame will stand out among all your other frames!

    The frame is in the shape of a ladybug and is hand-painted in crimson red and matte black.

    The frame is made from a high quality resin and is designed to hold a 3.5" x 5" photo that has the corners trimmed to fit the circular frame.

    Size: Frame is 7" tall and 5" wide and the visible photo area is 3" in diameter.