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Dragonfly Clothing, Totes, Accessories


  • Dragonflies Adult T-Shirt

    Dragonflies Adult T-Shirt

    Are you a dragonfly lover?

    This awesome shirt has loads of colorful dragonflies flying across the front! Weaving among the dragonflies are the words, "Dragonflies glide on gossamer wings like fairies in our dreams."

    The design is printed on the front of a white 100% cotton preshrunk unisex T-shirt.

    Adult sizes:
    2X (add $1)
    3X (add $2)
    4X (add $3)

    The design size is about 9" high, 13.5" wide.
  • Dragonfly Black Satin Stripe Scarf

    Dragonfly Black Satin Stripe Scarf

    Elegant dragonflies that you can wear!

    This lovely satin dragonfly scarf is just the thing to dress up any outfit. Tie it in a bow, or drape it twice around the neck and let it hang. You can even give it a twist and use it for a belted sash on a tunic!

    The scarf has a black background with a pattern of multicolored dragonflies and flowers. Some of the dragonflies appear to be trailing stardust behind them as they fly.

    The fabric has wide textured stripes running lengthwise, where one stripe is solid black satin and the alternating stripe is a silky semi-transparent open weave.

    Size: 13" wide, 60" long. The dragonfly images vary from 1" to 2.5"
  • Fun Dragonfly Large Gift Bag

    Fun Dragonfly Large Gift Bag

    This is a great bag for giving a buggy surprise!

    This large gift bag has a purple dragonfly with bright green wings and very big eyes. The background is pale blue with even paler blue flowers and the top of the bag has a colorful green and purple stripe pattern.

    The design is the same on both sides and there is a matching gift tag attached to the purple woven rope handle.

    Size: 17" x 12" x 6", made from heavyweight glossy paper