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Other Bug Garden & Outdoor Decor


  • Cast Iron Garden Cricket

    Cast Iron Garden Cricket

    This is probably the only kind of cricket that you would like hanging out in your garden.

    The cricket is made from solid cast iron. It would look awesome perched on a post or decorative rock in your garden.

    Size: About 4 inches long and 2.25 inches high
  • Cast Iron Garden Fly

    Cast Iron Garden Fly

    Here's a great little fly figurine for your garden or patio.

    It is made from solid cast iron with a dark brown finish. It would look awesome perched on a fence post or decorative rock in your garden.

    Size: About 3 inches long and 2 inches high
  • Mini Grasshopper Windchime

    Mini Grasshopper Windchime

    Check out this awesome grasshopper windchime!

    The windchime has four musical aluminum chimes suspended from a clear acrylic ring and above that is a grasshopper made from thin metal sheeting with a blue-green patina.

    In the center of the chimes is a small clear plastic ringer and dangling below is a cut acrylic crystal pendulum to swing to passing breezes.

    The chimes send out a delicate and high quality chiming. You can also hang it from a door as shown in the photo.

    Size: 13" overall, grasshopper is 3" long
  • Mosquito Crossing Sign

    Mosquito Crossing Sign

    Do you live near mosquito infested waters? You might want to place this sign on your property to warn your guests.

    The sign is made from sturdy aluminum painted a "caution" yellow and covered with bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Bold black letters proclaim it a MOSQUITO CROSSING sign.

    Place this sign in your garden, on a fence or beside your driveway to designate an area where mosquitoes travel in vast numbers!

    Size: 12 inches square with a hole for hanging at the top.