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  • Baby Plumpee Ladybug

    Baby Plumpee Ladybug

    Need a good snuggle-bug?

    This chubby ladybug is SO soft, you just have to hug her. And squeeze her. And cuddle her...

    She is made from very soft black plush with bright red wings that you can flap. She is so plump that there must have been a bumper crop of aphids in the garden...

    Size: About 7" tall and probably at least that wide too!
  • Hanging Stuffed Velour Dragonfly (colors vary)

    Hanging Stuffed Velour Dragonfly (colors vary)

    This is the most adorable, soft and cuddly dragonfly ever!

    The dragonfly is made from a very soft velour and has large opalescent mylar wings that make a great crinkle noise. The faces are adorably cute with big stuffed eyes and fuzzy tipped antennae. There is a small cord on the top of the head so that you can hang the dragonfly in your window, on your tree for the holidays, or on a stroller or baby jungle gym.

    The dragonfly comes in a variety of colors including some that are not shown in the photo. If you have a strong color preference, you can let us know in the customer notes box during the checkout process and we will pick that color for you. If we don't have any available, we will pick the color closest to your preferred choice.

    Great for party favors, tree ornaments, and give-away gifts!

    Safety tested for children of all ages. Sold by the single dragonfly.

    Size: ONE adorable dragonfly, 6" long with a wingspan of 8"
  • Insect Vinyl Finger Puppets, pk/12

    Insect Vinyl Finger Puppets, pk/12

    Put on a show and get your fingers dancing with bugs!

    You'll have lots of buggy fun with these cute finger puppets that are realistic replicas of various insects including butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, bees, and grasshoppers. The puppets are designed to fit child sized fingers but have a slit on the underside so that it will stretch a little for bigger fingers.

    Great for party favors and bug party games!

    Size: pack of 12 finger puppets, each about 2-3" long
  • Little Plush Butterfly (colors vary)

    Little Plush Butterfly (colors vary)

    A lovely plush butterfly with iridescent wings!

    This toy butterfly is lightly stuffed and has little string antennae. The wings have a great little crinkle sound when you squeeze them or fly them around.

    The butterfly comes in a variety of colors as shown in the photo. Sold by the single piece only and we randomly pick the color for you.

    Safety tested for children of all ages, so this butterfly would even be great for a baby!

    Size: 8-1/2" wingspan
  • Little Plush Honeybee

    Little Plush Honeybee

    Here's a cute little honeybee!

    The bee is made from a very soft, short plush and has pale face that just makes you want to kiss his pink cheeks.

    Bee sweet and give him lots of hugs and cuddles!

    Size: About 5" long
  • Wind-up Cute Bumblebee Toy

    Wind-up Cute Bumblebee Toy

    This wind up bee is almost ready to take off and fly!

    Okay, not really. But you can wind him up and he will crawl around in circles and start to lift his wings.

    These cute plastic bees are fun for small gifts, student rewards and party favors.

    Size: 2" long