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Spider Jewelry & Trinket Boxes


  • Black Stone Spider Earrings

    Black Stone Spider Earrings

    Are you looking for a pair of cute spider earrings?

    These little earrings are made from a silvery metal with faceted black stones for the head and body.

    The post style earrings have a clear plastic comfort guard on the back and are nickel free and hypo-allergenic for sensitive ears.

    Size: 1/4 inch wide
  • Blue Crystal Spider on Web Jewel Box

    Blue Crystal Spider on Web Jewel Box

    This lovely spider will keep your treasures safe...

    The jewel box is shaped like a spider's web with an indigo colored enamel around the edges streaked with a silver color. The top of the box is not solid, but just an open web through which you can see the pearly gray enameled interior.

    The web is inset with lavendar and purple crystals and the spider sits in the center. Its legs are enameled in dark purple and blue and its body is a cluster of blue crystals. It has 2 tiny red crystals for eyes.

    Great for keeping a special ring, necklace, or pair of earrings in.

    Size: 2-1/4" wide and 1" high
  • Crystal Spider Toe Ring

    Crystal Spider Toe Ring

    Spiders on your toes? Deliciously creepy!

    These sparkly spider toe rings are on nearly-invisible clear stretchy loops that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

    The spiders are silvery metal, with black crystal eyes and a cluster of crystals on their backs. Choose by color.

    Pink crystal
    Blue crystal
    Green crystal
    Clear crystal

    Size: spider is about 3/4" wide from leg tip to leg tip.
  • Crystal Two-Tone Spider on Web Pin

    Crystal Two-Tone Spider on Web Pin

    A crystal spider in web...

    What a perfect image and a lovely accent for your clothing!

    The asymmetrical web is made from a silvery metal with a textured finish that reflects the light as if under a full moon. The spider has a compact round body studded with clear sparkly crystals and bright golden legs. Truly a sun and moon spider!

    The photo shows the traditional style clasp on the back side of the pin and a dime is shown for scale.

    Size: 3-1/2" wide and 3" high
  • Golden Crystal Spider Earrings

    Golden Crystal Spider Earrings

    Who could possibly find these spider earrings creepy?

    With their clear crystal studded bodies and long, curvy golden legs, these spiders are beautiful! They also have tiny green crystals for eyes. And everyone knows that green-eyed spiders are lucky...

    These post style earrings have a clear plastic comfort guard on the back.

    Lead safe.

    Size: 1/2"
  • Jeweled Plastic Spider Rings (12)

    Jeweled Plastic Spider Rings (12)

    Spider bling?

    An interesting idea and sure to catch on in the fashion world! These black spider rings have big faceted jewels that even though they are plastic, send out a lot of sparkle!

    Great for bug party favors and Halloween treats! You get a dozen adjustable spider rings with jewels in red, green and topaz.

    Note: These inexpensive toy spiders sometimes lose their grip on their jewel. If this should happen, just put a little drop of glue on the back of the spider and press the jewel to it firmly.

    Size: pack of 12 rings, spiders are about 1-1/2" long
  • Jeweled Spider Box

    Jeweled Spider Box

    Who could be scared of such a beautiful spider?

    This jeweled spider trinket box is made from pewter and then enameled in a glossy dark amber and forest green color. The spider's body and upper legs are studded with crystals in a variety of colors. The abdomen of the spider is designed to look almost like hieroglyphics in its pattern of circles and arrows.

    Lift off the entire top of the spider to reveal the hidden compartment inside. The lid has two little magnets to keep it securely closed and the interior is enameled in a swirly pale green color.

    Size: 3" long, 5" wide, 1-3/8" high
  • Large Crystal Silvery Spider Pin

    Large Crystal Silvery Spider Pin

    A simple and elegant crystal spider pin.

    This pin is designed so that the topside of the spider is entirely composed of clear crystals. The crystals are set in silvery metal that you only get glimpses of when you view the spider from the side.

    The pin would be perfect for a filmy scarf as it is lightweight and the spider's legs curve below the clasp so that the scarf could be gathered between the legs.

    The photo shows the underside of the spider and the traditional style clasp in the lower right corner and a dime is shown for scale.

    Size: 2-1/4" wide and 2" high
  • Scorpion & Spiny Spider Keychain

    Scorpion & Spiny Spider Keychain

    A deliciously creepy keychain...

    This little black scorpion is facing off with a spiny spider. Too bad we will never know which one would win as they are encased in clear acrylic. Since the spider and scorpion are real (even if they are not alive anymore), each keychain is truly unique.

    The keychain is hand crafted for high quality. It comes in a nice gift box with a full-color picture of a scorpion on it.

    Size: total length is 3", scorpion is about 1" long
  • Silvery Crystal Spider Pin

    Silvery Crystal Spider Pin

    What a magnificent crystal spider!

    This pin is the perfect accent to a dark colored scarf or lapel. The spider is made from silvery metal with elegant curved legs and a body covered in sparkly clear crystals. There is one large crystal for the thorax and each leg has a crystal at midjoint.

    If you are a spider lover, or just looking to spice up your Halloween costume, this pin is it!

    The photo shows the bottom view of the pin in the upper right corner and there is a dime shown for scale.

    Size: 2-3/4" wide with a traditional style clasp.
  • Spiny Spider Corded Necklace

    Spiny Spider Corded Necklace

    This is the best way to wear a spider on your neck. No damage to you OR the spider!

    This necklace is made of clear acrylic resin and has a real spiny spider encased inside.

    The acrylic oval is set in a silvery metal frame that leaves most of the sides and the back open to showcase the spider.

    Crafted by hand from quality materials, each necklace is visually and genetically unique. The pendant hangs from an adjustable 17-18" vinyl black cord.

    The necklace comes in a nice gift box.

    Size: pendant is about 1.75 inches long
  • Spiny Spider Glow Keychain

    Spiny Spider Glow Keychain

    Here's an awesome keychain with a real spider in it!

    A spiny spider is encased in a piece of clear, tear-drop shaped acrylic. The back of the acrylic is fused with a glow in the dark backing that silhouettes the spider in the dark. Since the spider is real, each keychain is truly unique and may vary slightly from the photo.

    The keychain is hand crafted for high quality. It comes in a nice gift box with a full-color picture of a scorpion on it.

    Size: total length is 3", spider is about 1" long