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Spider Stationery & Desk Supplies


  • Assorted Bug Mini Accents (36)

    Assorted Bug Mini Accents (36)

    These little bug accents are ever so cute!

    The mini accent cutouts are made from glossy cardstock paper in a variety of bug shapes. You get six each of a bumble bee, butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, spider and a caterpillar on a leaf.

    The paper accents do not include adhesive, but can easily be tacked or stapled in place.

    Great for classrooms and hall bulletin boards, calendar markers, and party decor too!

    Size: 36 pre-cut bugs as shown, each 3" wide, acid free
  • Assorted Bug Tattoos (8)

    Assorted Bug Tattoos (8)

    Decorate yourself with some buggy body art!

    These awesome bugs look great on the back of the hand, on the arm, on the ankle, or even on the cheek or forehead. Kids love them!

    You get a variety of bugs including a spider, a dragonfly, an ant, a ladybug, a butterfly, a fly and 2 beetles.

    Perfect for parties and festivals, these temporary tattoos apply easily with a moist cloth. Instructions are on the back of the sheet.

    Size: 1 sheet of tattoos with 8 bugs 1-2 inches across