Halloween Costumes & Masks

Be a bug for Halloween! We have bee wings and ladybug wings, bug masks, and other fun insect costume supplies. Here are some other insect costume tips: Stuff some old socks and safety-pin them to your sides under your arms, for extra bug legs. You can even tie a loop of yarn to the fake sock leg and then tie it to your arm, so the bug legs move with your arms! Use black duct tape or electrical tape to turn a plain-colored yellow shirt into a striped bumblebee shirt. Two small kitchen wire-strainers make great bug eyes; fasten them together at the nose and then put elastic around the back of the head. Twist pipe-cleaners onto a headband for antennae, and glue a puffy pom-pom to the end of each. Have a bug party and let kids make their own masks, cardboard wings, and antennae!
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