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Ladybug Toys & Games


  • 16" Inflatable Giant Ladybug

    16" Inflatable Giant Ladybug

    Add some fun to your ladybug party with this giant ladybug!

    Ok, so maybe 16" isn't totally giant. But hey, for a ladybug it is a truly impressive size!

    You can use the ladybug for a party decoration, or even for a fun toy to toss around.

    Size: 16" across
  • Adhesive Wooden Craft Ladybugs (pk/50)

    Adhesive Wooden Craft Ladybugs (pk/50)

    Lots of ladybugs!

    These cute painted wood ladybugs have a peel-and-stick backing, so you can stick them to almost anything. Put them on nametags, on gifts, on greeting cards, on the silk plants, spread them on the table like confetti, or stick them to the wall and ceiling! They make fun decorations anywhere.

    Size: You get a bag of 50 adhesive-backed ladybugs, each 1/2" long and 5/16" wide. (Just a little bit larger than life-sized.)
  • Baby Plumpee Ladybug

    Baby Plumpee Ladybug

    Need a good snuggle-bug?

    This chubby ladybug is SO soft, you just have to hug her. And squeeze her. And cuddle her...

    She is made from very soft black plush with bright red wings that you can flap. She is so plump that there must have been a bumper crop of aphids in the garden...

    Size: About 7" tall and probably at least that wide too!
  • Fun Squirting Ladybugs (12)

    Fun Squirting Ladybugs (12)

    These ladybug squirt toys are loads of fun!

    Liven up your party or add some bath time fun with these colorful squirters. Hold the ladybugs under water and squeeze to load them, then squeeze to squirt a stream of water from their mouth.

    Perfect for bug party favors or for the bath or pool!

    You get a pack of a dozen in bright assorted colors. Colors may vary from those shown in the picture.

    Size: 2-3/4 inches long
  • Lady Bug

    Lady Bug

    Lady Bugs are a gardener's favorite because they are not only beautiful but protect fruits and vegetables by dining on plant-eating insects.

    Hidden Kingdom includes small bugs and insects in larger-than-life form. See up-close the hand painted detail and colors of these figures from Safari LtdĀ®.

    All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

    2.15' x 2.34' x 0.00' ( 5.50 cm x 6.00 cm x cm )
    Recommended Age:

  • Ladybug Costume Wings w/Headband

    Ladybug Costume Wings w/Headband

    Let your inner ladybug take flight!

    Creative play is very important in helping your child learn how to think "outside of the box" and come up with creative solutions for life problems. So have your young son or daughter strap on these ladybug wings and antennae and learn to let their imagination fly!

    The wings are made from a red nylon fabric with black spots. The center between the wings is designed to look like the ladybug's back and has elastic straps that fit easily over the arms and shoulders. The red pom-pom antennae are attached to a black headband.

    This is a child-sized ladybug costume.

    Size: wings are about 9" high with a wingspan of 24-1/2"
  • Ladybug Floating Bath Family

    Ladybug Floating Bath Family

    Rub-a-dub-dub, four ladybugs in a tub!

    This big ladybug makes a great bath and pool toy! The shallow dip on her back makes it a great place for the 3 little ladybugs to ride on.

    Lots of fun for bath time play. The bath toy is made from soft vinyl, and comes packed in a net bag.

    Size: 7" long, baby ladybugs are 2.5" long
  • Ladybug Puffer Ball

    Ladybug Puffer Ball

    Are you looking for a ladybug you can squeeze?

    The ladybug is made from a very flexible, rubbery plastic that will expand like a balloon when you squeeze her. It is a lot of fun to squeeze her and play with the hair like nubbins on the puffer ball.

    It also has a convenient loop for hanging as a decoration or putting on your finger to play with.

    Size: about 3 inches
  • Ladybug Pullback Racers, pk/12

    Ladybug Pullback Racers, pk/12

    Have fun with these little ladybug action toys!

    Just pull back the ladybug to wind it up, and watch it skitter away. Lots of fun for parties, stocking stuffers, ladybug gift toppers, party favors, or just as a fun addition to your ladybug collection.

    Size: Pack of 12 ladybug racers, each 1-1/2 inches across. Assorted colors of red, blue, green and yellow.
  • Mini Ladybug Coin Bank

    Mini Ladybug Coin Bank

    This adorable ladybug will help you save money!

    This mini coin bank is a perfect size to help a child get started with learning how to save money. It is small enough to fill up quickly so young kids won't get too impatient.

    The bank is made from ceramic and hand painted in gorgeous ladybug black and reds.

    Size: 2" X 3" X 3-1/4"
  • Tiny Mini Ladybug

    Tiny Mini Ladybug

    Are you looking for a cute and tough little ladybug?

    This tiny ladybug is made from a rubbery vinyl, so it is very flexible and durable. It is the perfect ladybug to carry around in your pocket for good luck.

    Great for party favors, stocking stuffers, rewards, and table decorations!


    Size: ONE ladybug that is almost 1 inch long if you include the antennae
  • Windup Flipping Ladybug Toy

    Windup Flipping Ladybug Toy

    Happy hopping ladybugs!

    Just wind up this smiling little ladybug toy and be prepared for some bug gymnastics. It'll spin in circles, race along the table, and then do a backflip!

    This lovely lady bug is so cute it makes a great gift topper, stocking stuffer, party favor, or even a decoration on a cake or cupcake.

    Size: 2" long, 1-1/4" tall