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Spider Toys & Games


  • Giant Fanged Spider

    Giant Fanged Spider


    Liven up your party with this large fanged spider. Wouldn't he look lovely lurking in the corner, or even sitting on top of the cake?

    The spider is made from flexible vinyl, and is black with little green eyes and orange fangs. The legs on most of the spiders are splayed-out a bit more than what is shown in the photo.

    Size: Spider body is 3-1/2" long, legs spread to 10" wide.
  • Giant Plastic Assorted Bugs, pk/12

    Giant Plastic Assorted Bugs, pk/12

    Having a bug party?

    These large bugs make great party favors! You get an assortment of bees, ants, spiders, beetles, scorpions and grasshoppers in realistic colors.

    Size: pack of 12 bugs, insects average about 4 inches long.
  • Glow in the Dark Spiders, pk/12

    Glow in the Dark Spiders, pk/12

    Super cool!

    Stick these fun glow-in-the-dark spiders onto window ledges or tuck them away in dark corners. Expose them to a bright light source for 30 seconds and they will glow for up to one hour.

    Especially great for Halloween decorations and fake spider webs!

    Size: 12 spiders about 2.5" long
  • Jeweled Plastic Spider Rings (12)

    Jeweled Plastic Spider Rings (12)

    Spider bling?

    An interesting idea and sure to catch on in the fashion world! These black spider rings have big faceted jewels that even though they are plastic, send out a lot of sparkle!

    Great for bug party favors and Halloween treats! You get a dozen adjustable spider rings with jewels in red, green and topaz.

    Note: These inexpensive toy spiders sometimes lose their grip on their jewel. If this should happen, just put a little drop of glue on the back of the spider and press the jewel to it firmly.

    Size: pack of 12 rings, spiders are about 1-1/2" long
  • Vinyl Spiders (12)

    Vinyl Spiders (12)

    Awesome spiders!!!

    Lot's of fun to pull, pose and toss around! These spiders make great bug party favors or Halloween treats!

    You get a pack of 12 black spiders with markings similar to those shown in the picture.

    Size: each spider is about 2" long